Enhancing your fitness journey

Our main aim at AFOCH fitness is to help our members and guests transform their bodies and lives for the better. We are excited to share that we will be doing the same in the coming months!

Having listened to your suggestions, we recognise that to continue to be one of the leading fitness and recreational venues in Abu Dhabi; we will need to enhance the facilities to improve your experience even further.
The below preliminary timeline will help inform and guide you through the initial stages of the transition:

From 9th March to 11th March, the Mixed Gym will be moved to the Dome. Limited equipment will be available in the main gym during this period. Additional group classes will take place at The Dome.

From the 12th March to 24th April, the Mixed Gym will be operated in the Dome as per normal operating hours (05:00am – 10:00pm).

We will be communicating all these changes via SMS and email to ensure you plan your workouts accordingly and with minimal disruption. For regular updates, we recommend subscribing to our WhatsApp notifications by clicking here:
Or alternately please feel free to contact the team on: 02 4975229.