Experience all your favourites from our kitchen in the comfort of your home with our newly launched takeaway and delivery menus. From signature pizzas to bespoke cakes for your celebrations, we have got all your cravings covered. 


Iftar meal boxes are available for delivery this Ramadan for you to enjoy at home. Hygienically packaged and carefully designed to pay tribute to Emirati culinary culture, there are two packages to select from, both of which include a choice of freshly squeezed fresh juices and traditional Ramadan juices. The boxes also have a selection of dates, dried fruits, Arabic bread and soft bread rolls.

Option one priced at AED 110 offers a choice of two starters, a soup and a main course, while option two priced at AED 150 includes all the aforementioned and mezze like Lamb Kibbeh, Cheese Sambousek and Vegetable Samosa. Both boxes include sweets and / or seasonal sliced fruit.



Time travel through Italy from the comfort of your living room via our delicious and authentic pizzas. We have a sumptuous array to satiate all your pizza desires.



There is always a reason to celebrate all year round! Choose from a variety of custom-designed cakes to add that special touch to your celebration. Order now and select from 19 different varieties!



Missing our grand lunch? Tuck into our iconic dishes delivered freshly packed to your home or pick them up at your convenience by placing your order online.

Menu Options

  • Menu1: Choice of 1 Salad, Choice of 1 Sandwich, Choice of 1 Dessert. AED 75
  • Menu2: Choice of 1 Hot Dish, Choice of 1 Salad, Choice of 1 Sandwich, Choice of 1 Dessert. AED 100
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