AFOC’s kitchens power a corporate catering division that delivers over 52,000 meals to a diverse client portfolio every single day.

AFOC catering crafts tailored menus for business events, celebrations and special occasions. The team is not only adept at handling specific needs and dietary requirements, but can also deliver options ranging from finger food to full banquets.

AFOC catering is known for the quality of its food and the professionalism of its staff. Our client roster includes military installations, government offices, hospitals and private sector organisations. We are also called upon to cater for palaces and royal hospitality.

After a successful track record, the division is now expanding to offer kitchen management solutions, fulfil manpower requirements and deliver other centralised services such as laundry. Today, AFOC catering can offer integrated solutions, or slot easily into value chains to manage existing kitchen assets.

Phone: 02-4415900