The AFOC Football Academy is the ultimate sporting experience giving your child a taste of what it’s like to be professional footballer. The training programme, designed by our international coaches, is unique with a focus on developing the following skills:

• Power
• Speed & Agility
• Dribbling & Passing
• Shielding, Tackling & Trapping;
• Shooting & Goal Keeping

The complete training programme is supported by various cardio & strength training drills that are put together to boost the players skill level and progression.

The players are trained by international coaches from France, England, Italy, Morocco, Brazil & Spain and teams comprise of children from diverse backgrounds.


انضمو إلى أكاديمية نادي ضباط القوات المسلحة لكرة القدم ابتداء من 22سبتمبر/ من6 -7 مساءً واجتمعوا بمدربينا! قبول الأطفال من 3 إلى 16 سنة.للمعلومات والتسجيل اتصل على 4975229 02Join us at the AFOC Football Academy Opening on 22 Sept. from 6-7 PM. Meet our international coaches! Accepting children from 3–16 yrs. For more info & registration call 02 4975229

Posted by Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel on Monday, 17 September 2018

Training Details

Schedule Training:
Thursday & Saturday, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Registration Fee:
AED300.00 per person and includes a complete uniform kit,
training bag, and a water bottle

Monthly Fee:
AED 700.00 per person